Style Cuts

All include a shampoo, condition, scalp massage. Blow wave or finish is extra (see Cut & Blow Wave prices).

Style Cuts Price
Ladies Restyle.

Stylecut & Blow Wave(extra long/thick  hair additional charges apply)


Cut Only


from $76.95






Kids (Under 13) From $22.50
Fringe Trim From $16.00


Blow Waves & Styling

Includes shampoo, condition and scalp massage. If your hair is extra long or thick, or you require your hair to be styled for a special occasion eg: curling iron or hot rollers there will be an additional charge.

Blowdry Price
Short hair $57.95
Medium length (hair below chin but above collarbone) $68.95
Long hair (hair below collarbone) $75.95
Hair Extension Blow Wave or Extra Long Hair From $95.95


Iron only

A service where you wish to have your hair ironed straight, but does not include shampoo, condition or blow wave and we do request you to arrive with your hair a 100% dry.

Iron Only Price
Iron only From $55.95



Upstyle Price

From $80.00

*See our Bridal Page for packages for formals or weddings.

Colour Services

All colour services are based on an average length and thickness of hair. If your hair is extra long or thick, there may be an additional charge, but your stylist will inform you at your consultation if this applies. We will not be able to provide accurate quotes over the phone and prefer to discuss your needs and asses hair type during the consultation.


This service is where we section fine splices of hair and apply either lighter or darker colour. If we are lightening your hair it is known as ‘highlighting’ and if the colour used on the foils is darker than your hair, it is called ‘lowlighting’. A combination of the two can be a very fabulous result, so ask your stylist about combining these two techniques. You don’t pay extra for using different colours- the price is determined by the length and thickness of your hair. The foiling service prices do not include a toner. If you need a toner you will need to pay a little extra, but we only will do this if it is necessary.

Foils Price
T-section or partline (10-12 foils) Extra long hair may cost extra $65.50
1/2 head foils – just over crown and down to ears
1/2 head short $125.00
1/2 head med $146.00
1/2 head long From $178.00
Full head foils
Full head short $157.00
Full head med $199.00
Full head long From $239.00



A ‘tint’ is what is commonly known as ‘permanent colour’. Just because it is called ‘permanent’ does not mean it lasts forever! ALL hair pigment, natural or artificial, will fade over time The only reason we call it permanent colour is that the formula contains ammonia and peroxide and will permanently alter the molecular structure of the hair on the head. The hair that grows back from your roots is called ‘regrowth , and will be ‘virgin’ or untouched hair. You may need to have the regrowth touched up as regularly as every 3-4 weeks to keep your hair looking great. This service cannot lighten your hair if you already have darker artificial colour on your hair. It can lighten virgin hair though. It will freshen, brighten and 100% cover grey hair. A tint is most suitable for people wishing to cover grey, or wish to have a very strong and vibrant colour. It is not suitable if you do not wish to colour your hair regularly, or if you have extremely over-processed or damaged hair. Your stylist will explain how to take care of your tint with colour safe products.

Tint Price
Tint Regrowth Only

(2 inch stretch)

Short $84.00
Med $110.25
Long $168.00
Extra Long $262.50
Balayage Root Stretch

(up to 3inches)




A ‘demi permanent’ colour is an ammonia free colour, which will give amazingly glossy and rich results on most hair types. It is the least damaging type of colour service and is often called a ‘gloss colour’. It cannot lighten your hair, and will not remain in your hair long enough to give you a definite regrowth.  If applied over and over, you may get a colour build up if the same shade is used all the time, leading to darker and darker ends. To combat this and still achieve the high gloss result without build up, your stylist can ‘dilute’ the tone, using the dark or rich tone on the new hair and mid lengths, and adding a clear gloss to the ends of your hair if the colour is satisfactory on the ends. This service is NOT suitable if you want to go lighter, extremely bright and vibrant or remove colour from your hair. It is most suitable for those who want a maintenance free result and who do not want regrowth or an extremely bright or long lasting result. It will last approximately 30 washes.

Demi-Permanent Price
Demi Short $73.95
Demi Med $83.95
Demi Long

Extra Long Demi





This is a free hand colour technique or where we apply colour to random sections of hair. Not suitable for touching up foils or regrowth, or for hair that has a strong build up of colour. The technique is best used where a soft or random result is required. The balyage service must be quoted and price will depend on the difficulty of the process, and the length and thickness of the hair. A toner may be required to neutralise unwanted brassy or yellow tones, and if so, an extra charge is applicable. We will quote you for the entire process before we begin.

Balyage Price

Extra Long

From $170.00

From $235.00



A bleaching service is the most extreme of all chemical services, and it is where we carefully apply a powder bleach and peroxide solution to the entire head. It is only suitable if you wish to have an extremely light blonde, and a toner is generally required to soften brassy results or unwanted yellow. We often use full head bleaching in combination with colour corrective services, and for removing old permanent or demi – permanent colour build up. This service IS NOT suitable for anyone who has damaged or extremely fine hair. A sensitivity test MUST be undertaken, and we WILL NOT perform this service on anyone under 18.

Bleach Price
Bleach Regrowth $105.00
Bleach Regrowth with Toner  $168.00
Bleach Full Head Short with Toner $173.95
Bleach Full Head Medium with Toner $231.00
Bleach Full Lead Long with Toner $315.00
Bleach Full Head Extra Long with Toner From $369.00


A toning service is performed when the level of lightness is achieved, but there is too much warmth or yellow in the hair, or not enough warmth, or a specialised pastel tone (such as beige, baby pink, ash or pearl) is required to achieve the result. This service will only last approximately up to 20 washes, so if excess brassiness is an ongoing problem for you, you might need to look at a toning shampoo and conditioner, and also coming to the salon for regular toners. Your stylist will recommend the best products for you to use to ensure your toners are long lasting.

Toner Price
Short $38.95
Medium $43.95
Long From $49.95


Colour Removal

This service is a quick treatment where we use a specially formulated solution to remove or slightly lighten old colour or soften a tone that is too warm or ash. It is used in conjunction with colour correction, but you may need additional services to achieve the result you want. If you want to be lighter, or remove colour, please bring a photograph of the result you want, and we will discuss the best technique to achieve the closest possible result.

Colour Removal Price
Colour Removal From $98.95


Men’s Colour

A camouflaging, non ammonia colour that blends grey and slightly darkens hair. This service will last around 2-4 weeks, depending on the shampoo you are using. Some shampoos have strong detergents that will take the colour out quite quickly. You won’t get a regrowth from this colour service, so maintenance is not an issue.

Men’s Colour Price
Men’s colour From $68.95


Cap Highlights

This service has been around for many years, and is suitable for short to medium lengths of hair, where a ‘salt and pepper’ or ‘frosted’ look is wanted. NOT suitable for long hair. Very suitable for extremely short hair, when a naturally lighter look is wanted, as foiling very short hair is often physically impossible. It will give a very blended look, so if you want chunkier or stronger lighter or darker pieces in your hair, foiling is a more suitable option. Great for guys, and ladies with short funky styles. A toner may be required to neutralise unwanted brassy or yellow tones, and if so, an extra charge is applicable. We will quote you for the entire process before we begin.

Cap Highlights Price
Cap Highlights From $84


Chemical Relaxation

There are many types of chemical relaxation, and some are more effective than others. A lot of the success of the relaxation depends on your hair type. Even after you have your hair chemically relaxed, you will still need to blowdry and iron your hair to get the sleekest, straightest results. It is important to understand that chemical relaxation will not make your hair something it is not already- for example, if you have thick, coarse wavy hair, after a relaxations, you hair will still have the same texture and density, it just may be straighter. We do not perform chemical relaxation on pregnant women or individuals under 18. A full consultation is required before we go ahead with any relaxing service.

Chemical Relaxation Price
Partial (one area of the head, up to half) From $189
Short Hair $255
Medium $336

Cezanne Smoothing Full Head

From $420

From $367.50



See our Extension Page for a detailed description of the extensions we perform.

Extension Prices vary from hair length : 14” / 20” / 24”

Length Quantity Price
14” Pack $115.90
Half $463.60
Full $927.20
20” Pack $132.00
Half $528.00
Full $1056.00
24” Pack $167.90
Half $671.60
Full $1343.20



All treatments include a relaxing scalp massage.

Treatments Price
Masque & Hot Towel $22.95
Protein & Moisture $25.95
Extra Long Scalp Massage Extra $10.95
 Olaplex From$45



Beauty Price
Anastasia Eyebrows:

1st Visit

2nd Visit Onward

Facial Waxing





Eyelash Extensions


Make-up (includes complimentary gift)

From $89.95

From $65.00

From $75.00



This service is not common anymore, but we still pride ourselves on being able to give you a great curl. It is important to understand the difference between ‘heat styled’ curls and perm curls. Perm curls look ‘wiggly’ and a little fluffier than hot roller or iron curls. You cannot perm hair to look like curling iron curls or hot roller curls. The best thing to do is bring a picture of the curl result you want to achieve and we will be able to assess whether a perm is right for you. Perms will not be performed on bleached or over processed hair, or on anyone under 18. The perm service includes a cut & blow wave/diffuser.

Perming Price
Partial From $99.00
Short $136.50
Medium $178.50
Long from $220.50


*Please note- all prices are subject to change