Hair Extensions

At La Saint, we are always looking for the latest technology in hair extensions, updating our systems and we are constantly searching for the best human hair on the market to make gorgeous long hair affordable for you.

The most popular system in the world today is a system called  ‘tape wefts’. This is where we attach a small adhesive ‘weft’ of hair close to your scalp. Consultations for this system are COMPLETELY FREE, and at your consultation, you will be given a quote for your extensions. If you wish to book, you must make a 50% deposit at the time of booking.

The benefits of this systems are:

  • Ease and speed of application
  • NO damaging glue or wax
  • Easily removed
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Natural look- undetectable to your friends, family and potential boyfriends
  • Easy and affordable to maintain

As with ALL types of hair extensions, there are some things you should be aware of:

  • Swimming or surfing in the ocean for long periods can affect the adhesive and you may experience some loosening of the wefts, requiring removal and replacement. Don’t worry though- this is quick AND affordable!
  • ALWAYS put the stylists recommended conditioner in your hair, and plait your hair into one or two ponytails BEFORE you swim or go in a spa or Jacuzzi.
  • We cannot guarantee our system if you do not use ALL the products we recommend. Remember – you are our best advertisement, and we WANT your extensions to look fabulous at all times!
  • NEVER EVER try to remove or colour your extensions yourself! If you experience problems managing your extensions, it is CRUCIAL that you book for an education session with one of our extension experts. Sometimes the answer is only a conversation away, but we won’t know how to deal with your problem if you don’t ask us, and we are thrilled to help at any time!


Length Quantity Price
14” Pack $115.90
Half $463.60
Full $927.20
20” Pack $132.00
Half $528.00
Full $1056.00
24” Pack $167.90
Half $671.60
Full $1343.20